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It wasn't until night came and the son pointed at his father's shadow on the wall, exclaiming 'That's my father! When she learns that Sylvia's ex is going to Chester, where Sylvia is currently working as an exchange teacher, for Christmas, Alice thinks she's cheating and will continue to see him, even after getting married to Ben. Romir Hiregaard leapt to conclusions after seeing his wife and a family friend arm in arm, unwilling to believe that he'd interrupted a waltz lesson. Himeji: This bra isn't your size, Yoshi-kun This can happen to good platonic friends who happen to be of the opposite gender if they're seen in public together. Scarlett frequently urges him in private to run off with her, and Ashley is tempted but refuses.

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She then kills him too, offended by his lack of recognition.

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Used as part of a revenge plot in this Penny Arcade. Happened many times in the Teenage Worrier series: The Teenage Worrier's Guide to Life : Letty's mother disappears, but the family finds a note from "Neville" the name of her ex-boyfriend agreeing to pick her up. In the Brazilian telenovela Anjo Mau "Evil Angel" and its remakes, the father of the baby boy that the Gold Digger Villain Protagonist babysits is accused of cheating on his Clingy Jealous Girl wife since he periodically visits someone else's house and says nothing about his reasons to do so. Answer: no, but not for lack of her trying.

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