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The way he held me, kissed me, laughed, stared… it drove me insane! And then this relationship dropped at my feet when I felt like that other option was gone. Air Force guys shirtless Air Force guys army guys shirtless guys muscles tattoos guys with tattoos find him who is this who is this? I may be completely wrong, and there was no red flag, but I feel the same anyway. My heart was wide open for no good reason.

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Lilly. Age: 23.
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So where I live is pretty close to the airport, and we often have the Army Reserves drive past in their big carrier trucks to travel interstate or overseas etc.

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Kimberly. Age: 30.
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The Soldier

LMAO army guys idek tbh spice girls life. A coat is for covering body. An army guy flirted with me at work today… apparently. Yes, that is the least noticeable scientific education in a coat.

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