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Sometimes of course I hear a lot of pick-up lines from guys in the street or even when I'm driving my car. Does playing sexy women on screen make you feel any more sexy yourself? It's fun to be able to shock men sometimes by being flirtatious and trying to turn them on. My boyfriend doesn't mind it at all, either. Even though my family is fairly conservative, sex was never something I felt ashamed or awkward about. A few guys have come up to me in airports asking me to autograph their boarding passes, and that's been really cool. How hard was it to get your first roles in TV or film?

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Maria. Age: 23.
shannon elizabeth boobs

It's healthy and completely liberating if you allow yourself to be carried away by it.

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Gabrielle. Age: 24.
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But I know that most guys go out of their minds if they don't have sex fairly regularly. Given the way you look, how have you learned to deal with all the attention from men that you must get? I expected that I would be able to find work and make a decent career for myself. So far though, I only get recognized once in a while and that's fine with me.

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