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She keeps a diary that she uses for inspiration for songs as seen in "Marceline's Closet. This is just a page of funny adventure time stuff, it is called Sexy Marceline because she is sexy. She is a lover of all things exotic and still travels across the land often. See more of Sexy Marceline on Facebook. According to the note she left on her door in "Marceline's Closet," she gets lucid dreams when she eats tomatoes. For example, in "What Was Missing," she seemed to be more "aggressive" towards Princess Bubblegum than she usually is. She can also be sentimental.

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She is also very independent, and in early episodes would often act without concern for Finn or his friends.

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She has a mischievous personality and is rarely intimidated. Marceline, the Vampire Queen full name: Marceline Abadeer is one of the main characters in Adventure Time and a vampire that is over a millennium old. Shades of red feeding: Also unlike traditional vampires, Marceline is capable of sustaining herself on "shades of red," such as the color in strawberries, and is not limited to surviving on blood.

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