Asian forest scorpian

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The black scorpion Heterometrus longimanusof the family Scorpionidaeor the Asian forest scorpion, is a resident of tropical Asian regions. Black scorpions typically live under logs and other natural debris. Most of the time these scorpions are above ground, preying on insects for food, but they might also burrow to some extent.

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Heterometruswhose members are also known by the collective vernacular name giant forest scorpionsis a genus of scorpions belonging to the family Scorpionidae. The genus was introduced by C. Karsch in

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These scorpions are very common in the pet trade and have replaced the once common emperor scorpion that have become very expensive. Your enclosure for the scorpion dose not need to be fancy, I use a 5 gallon aquarium and I also use Rubbermaid containers. They can be kept in a temperature range of F so a under tank heater is highly recommended but make sure it is on half the tank to provide your forest scorpion with cooler temperatures if it wants. I used half peat moss and half coco fiber.

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Characteristics: Asian Forest Scorpions are a very common scorpion kept as a pet and are found in Asian Tropical forests. They are more aggressive than the emperor scorpion. We recommended they be housed alone due to their aggressive nature.

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Found in the wild in Southeast Asia, the Malaysian forest scorpion, or Heterometrus, is sometimes kept as a domestic pet. More aggressive than the emperor scorpion, less toxic than other scorpion family members and one of the largest pet scorpions available, the black forest scorpion is a solid choice for the Scorpiones enthusiast. The Malaysian forest scorpion -- also known as the Asian forest scorpion -- is one of a variety of family scorpions under the Heterometrus genus.

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Like all arachnids, it has 8 legs attached to the cephalothorax, and an enlarged pair of pincher-like pedipalps. Males have bigger pinchers and a longer tail than females. Two eyes are situated at the front of the carapace, and 2 to 5 eyes are along the side of the carapace. The common name, Asian Forest Scorpion, is used for multiple scorpions in the genus Heterometrus.

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Asian forest scorpion are some of the most common kept scorpions in the trade and make lovely pets for viewing. Although they are more aggressive than the more well known Emperor Scorpion they can still make a lively addition to a collection. Asian forest scorpions are large heavy bodied invertebrates. Although they are similar in apprearence they tend to be smaller maxing out at about 5 inches.


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