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How am I in this video Trey? In August, Twitter deemed Sprouse " canceled " for cheating on his long-term girlfriend, Dayna Frazer. First, Perry inappropriately grabbed a teenager's butt on the red carpet which completely shook him up. Two words: Pepsi commercial. Concert-goers had paid tens of thousands of dollars for tickets, only to be left stranded in the Caribbean with no food, no shelter, and no performances.

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They dragged the duo on Twitter for mocking Chinese culture while in China, no less.

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How am I in this video Trey? Sprouse ultimately made matters worse by posting a wordy and self-praising response on Twitter, which left fans even more confused and distrusting of Sprouse than they were before. That same month, Hilton also wronged Bella Thorne by tagging her exes on a photo of her body, setting her up for brutal slut shaming. For most of , Swift taunted her inevitable "comeback.

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